Company Overview

WH Properties is a specialist property brokerage and auctioneering company. We are a Member of the South African Institute of Auctioneers and our stakeholders have over 50 years combined experience in the auction industry.

Our Specialist property team are experts in auctioneering, brokerage, rentals, and appraisals of property providing accurate and in-depth knowledge, advice and service to both buyers and sellers of property. We specialise in commercial, industrial, retail and residential property disaposals on both auction and private treaty platforms.

With WH Properties’ Service Offering, you can expect more than just your average property transaction

WH Properties helps you realise value for your asset with expert advice and service through a transparent and simple process.


Our focus is not only on the sale of the property, but on providing effective and efficient service, accurate information, and innovative solutions to both buyers and sellers.

We offer unmatched expertise in the property sector, and our experienced team is, driven, and resultsfocused.

Daniel & Joshua Pelkowitz

More About Daniel & Joshua

Daniel and Joshua have honours degrees in BSC Property Studies. Daniel and Joshua are qualified full status estate agents and have extensive experience in the property industry including property portfolio management, brokerage and facilities management. They have an extensive network of clients throughout the listed and private property sectors which have enabled WH to conduct sales in the region of R500 million over the past three years.

Tim Varenzakis

More About Tim

Has an extensive corporate background offering out of the box turnkey solutions. Tim has represented multi nationals in over fourteen countries in Africa by advising them and managing turnkey disposal solutions. His focus has been proposing solutions, supporting and delivering for global blue-chip mining and construction companies throughout South Africa and Africa for more than 20 years, with innovative disposal strategies.

Shannon Winterstein

More About Shannon

Launched the first online auction business in South Africa in 1999. Shannon and family members have jointly accumulated over 200 years of auction industry history. Shannon has unmatched experience as an appraiser to the High Court. Shannon is a qualified Principal Estate Agent.

Executive Team


WH Properties extensive network of clients throughout the listed and private property sectors gives WH the capabilities to conduct sales across any property sector

Social Responsibility

We’re sure that by now you’ve heard of the three R’s of Recycling – Reduce Reuse Recycle. Well, Reuse is our middle name too.  Auctions are a practical application of the Reuse maxim and we take this role seriously. WH Auctions provides a platform for used goods to find new homes, countering the throw-away culture and ensuring a slower growth of our landfills. We know that we live in a beautiful country, and just like you, we’d like to keep it that way. And in keeping with our family-oriented approach to business, we also have the welfare of our greater family in mind.

That is why all charity work is done free of charge and we endeavour to involve ourselves in projects that are aimed at the upliftment of our society as a whole. We’ll keep you updated here, and in the media, of our charitable undertakings.